Welcome to INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN HEART AWARDS – Spring Edition 2019!

We are here to reunite and celebrate some of the best photographers and filmmakers worldwide.

Our team received over 800 amazing photographs from 20+ countries worldwide. Our carefully selected international jury panelists have placed their votes. In this Spring Awards Edition, only the Top Voted by them will be announced as winners (with no limited number). Official selection photographs and films will be announced soon.

Take a look at the WINNERS of this Spring Awards 2019.

To all our members: We are very happy to have you with us, it’s a true honor to share our community with all of you. We have a profound respect and admiration towards all of your work, and most of all, we’re confident that the talent, vision and humanity of every member of the IGHA Community will transcend and inspire over time.

The Spring Awards are only the 2nd of 4 official season awards we will host each year. Next we will have the Summer Awards, Autumn Awards & GOLDEN HEART OF THE YEAR Awards.

Please note: Only winners of any of the season awards will participate on the Golden Heart of the Year which will be held in December and will only host 5 winners in each field. (

Please follow us: @ighawards to keep track of our upcoming awards).

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