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The International Golden Heart Awards (IGHA) is an independent organization created by professionals of the wedding industry. If you want to see the most striking photographs and films from weddings around the world, this is the place. Discover amazing narrative quality and technical abilities. Every IGHA member has passed an application process and is recognized by their colleagues to be a remarkable visual artist. We carefully select the best photographs and films that honor remarkable achievements of each field. Our special directory will let you find any member easily.

If you are a wedding photographer or filmmaker, we gladly invite you to join us. Being an IGHA member highlights your expertise with the world. It makes you stand out from the crowd and gives customers a sense of your abilities and professionalism, as well as expanding your business further away.

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Thanks for your interest in joining a beautiful project made from the heart.

General Information

This section is an easy step-by-step, condensed guide to all important aspects surrounding the IGH Awards.

Becoming a Member

The IGHA maintains high standards for membership. You must first apply for membership in order to get your photographs or films reviewed by the IGHA Organization. If approved, you will be notified via email.

Both memberships are FREE. You can choose between a Basic Membership and the anual PRO+ Membership (which grants free access to the IGH Awards).

Membership Prices

We offer 2 types of memberships:

BASIC: Will always be FREE! Offers a standard profile to any approved member.

PRO+: Free for your first 12 months (1-year subscription) Offers all benefits such as fully personalised profile with extended capacity, free entries/participation to all 4 seasonal awards, marketing benefits on social media + official logos.

After your free 12 months you will have the choice to remain as a PRO+ member or change to the BASIC account.

The Awards

We hold 4 competitions per year (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn) + “Best of the Year” Awards held in December.

Only PRO+ Members can submit to any awards. Photographers may submit up to 10 photographs for free. Filmmakers may post up to 2 films for free.

To submit to any awards, you must enter to the ‘Calendar‘ section, click on the award within the open submission dates, then attach the ‘Award Entry Form’ containing the photographs or link to films.

Voting, Jury Panel & Prizes

IGHA staff organices all submissions in random order.  A group of professional curators will choose the best of each field to be sent out to our Jury Panel. The panel will decide which ones are the best on a 1-10 vote rating system considering: story, creativity, originality, composition, use of color or black & white, technical abilities, editing, use of space and balance.

IGHA Announce only 4 winners of each field per season awards. Official selections from our jury panel will also be a part of that season’s post.

Winners of each season (a total of 16 photographers and 16 filmmakers) will compete for the ‘Best of the Year’ Golden Heart Award. This award is the ultimate prize, where 4 winners of each field will be announced.

All seasons and Best of the Year Awards will have a special post on our website. Members who are selected as Winners or part of the Official Selection will receive an e-mail with the official logos/badges to use on social media. A special icon will appear on the profile of winner members.

Personal Profiles

Photographers and filmmakers: Please keep in mind that photos uploaded to your personal profile must be 1920px horizontal.

Images can be from the wedding day and events associated with the wedding, photo sessions the day after the wedding, bridal photo sessions, and pre-wedding engagement photo sessions. Vow renewals are also allowed.

Make sure your images have no added content, composition of 2 or more images, logos, texts, borders, are part of a workshop, show sexual intercourse, genitals, etc. Images can be from any year.

Minimum quality for filmmakers is (1920×1080) FULL HD. Only short films are allowed (7min max) Keep in mind that links to the film must be public and working properly.


You need to attach out the entry form correctly to each season awards or ‘Best of the Year’ awards. The photos on your personal IGHA profile DO NOT enter automatically to our contests, We will update our Award Calendar which will include all important dates to submit your photos or films, as well as award dates.


The application process helps to ensure that IGHA members meet the requirements for experience and talent.

Applicants must have photographed or filmed a minimum of 40 weddings as the primary in-charge. Weddings shot as a tag-along, second camera, or backup photographer will not count.

Applicants must apply for a membership.

Galleries must include shots from all the wedding day (from beginning to end). If the submitted galleries are a ‘selection’ of favourite shots from several weddings, application will be rejected. Videographers must send ‘short films’ only. Both galleries and videos must be sent by direct links through the membership application form.

Applicants agree to operate in accordance to the IGHA code of conduct.

Each membership and profile page is for 1 photographer only. If there are many photographers from the same studio, each photographer must sign up for his/her own membership account.

After you are accepted, you will need to create your user and password.

All members must have active and updated websites and social media.

Please allow us 1-5 business days to process your application. We will be in touch.


Your Membership to IGHA provides a wide variety of benefits. Some of them are.

  1. Let Brides & Grooms from around the world see your work and share it for others to enjoy. Our special directory makes it easy for them to find you.
  2. IGHA enables visual artists, to highlight some of our best work to be viewed internationally, and hoping to expand our business further away.
  3. The chance to be shortlisted for or win an award in the only truly independent International photography & video wedding awards.
  4. Official marketing documents for you business. Such as IGHA Member logos, Award Winner badges, special mention logos & more!
  5. Increases industry profile. Just by entering you will stand out from the crowd.
  6. Gives your clients confidence in your abilities and professionalism.
  7. IGHA Profile Page with headshot, business description, 25 portfolio images (photographers) or 5 video (videographers) that can be updated at any time, and special badges if you win any seasonal awards or best of the year awards.
  8. Promotion by our staff on Facebook, Instagram, etc…
  9. Be a part of a worldwide community of true professionals who master their craft.

Thanks for your interest in joining a beautiful project made from the heart, with the intention of reuniting some of the best visual storytellers in the world.

How is the IGHA different from other wedding awards?

We recognise each field as a complicated and truly demanding craft, that is why we honor achievements on both photography and film in the same way. Our community was created  grown from love. We are delighted to reunite the best artists, share their talent and celebrate the best achievements in photography and videography work surrounding the wedding celebrations around the world.

How can I be an IGHA member? (3 step process)

1.Click here to submit your application

2. Wait for results.

3. If accepted as a future IGHA Member, you will get notified on your email address 5 days max after submitting. Pay your PRO+ membership to be granted access to your personal profile page and submit to the awards for free!

How can I send my photos/videos to participate in the contest? (3 step process)

-Click ‘Join the Contest’ button on your profile.

-Select your photos/videos and upload following the entry rules.

-Wait for results on the date mentioned as the official awards date.

How many photos/videos can I upload on my profile?

Photographers 25

Videographers 5

Can I use the same photographs / videos to participate more than 1 time in awards?

Yes. If your images were not awards and deserve being reconsidered by our jury members, you may upload again.

How many times can I participate in the award?

Members have FREE entry to the seasonal awards. There are 4 seasonal awards during the year. Plus, a ‘Best of the Year’ Awards held in December (only the winners of the last 4 seasons will participate)

Photographers may upload up to 10 images.

Videographers may upload up to 2 films.

How do I know that my photos are submitted?

After you upload them with the Award Entry Form, you will get a confirmation mail.

Check your SPAM folder, or wait 5 working days maximum. If not, contact our staff at info@ighawards.com

When are the season awards held?

Please visit out calendar.

How does voting work? (3 step process)

IGHA receives all photographs & films.

Professional curators will select the best in each category and send them out to each Jury Panelist, where they will rate each one on a 1-10 voting system.

IGHA Directors will reunite all the ballots and announce the winners.

Can I upload a profile using my studio name?

No. Only personal names allowed. But you will be able to add your studio name under your profile. Cover photos must be related to your work, no logos or personal marketing.

Can my images/videos include watermarks or descriptive text?

No they will not be accepted either on profiles or contests. Be careful!

How is the list of Photographers or Videographers sorted out?

Our official directory has special filters to find who you are looking for.

If no special search has been applied, profiles will sort out randomly.

What about copyrights?

All Members allow IGHA team to use images for marketing purposes.

What’s the paying method?

Our project is currently 100% FREE

Where can I send questions or feedback?

Please send an email to info@ighawards.com

Are you ready?

Be part of the greatest community of wedding photographers and videographers.