Welcome to all our jury panelists! We are glad to have you with us in our 2021 WINTER EDITION AWARDS. The MAT (Membership Approval Team) alongside the ACT (Award Coordination Team) have already curated all entries.

Voting will be quick to explain.

Please follow the 3 following rules/guidelines.

1. Please make sure you rate all nominees in the gallery before FEBRUARY 16, 2021 11:59pm (UTC -6). You will be able to vote only once on each item.

2. Click the thumbnail of each film to watch it. After you finish, close it and select VOTE/RATE. A pop-up message will appear containing 10 stars. 1 star being the least and 10 being the best rating you may give. Take your time and consider all technical and artistic techniques as your vote is really important on each one of the list.

3. After you vote, you may click right or left to see to go next, or go back to select it from the menu.

There will only a maximum of 10 winners in each category.

Go ahead and enjoy this seasons’ nominees!

Thanks again for being part of the International Golden Heart Awards family.

Contest winners

1 place
7.9 of 10
2 place
7.2 of 10
3 place
7.2 of 10
4 place
7 of 10
5 place
6.9 of 10
6 place
6.9 of 10
7 place
6.8 of 10
8 place
6.7 of 10
9 place
6.6 of 10
10 place
6.6 of 10