If you can’t see your listing on the site after you have paid your renewal order. Please follow the next steps to relist it.

Login to your account via the link on the main menu:


Once you are in your account. click on the dropdown menu on the “My Listings” Option under “My Account” on the main menu


On the next screen you will see your listing and if it shows the legend (expired) you can relisst it now. Click on the “Relist” button below your business name (This button will only appear if your listings is marked as expired and you have already paid your renewal fee)


On the next screen you will see all the packages available to relist your business. Select the first option (If you have already paid your subscription to a plan it will say the name of the plan and how many listings you have on that plan for example 0 of 1 means you can list it on this plan since you have already pay your renewal) . Select this option if available and click “Submit” button.


On the next screen you will find the “Edit your business” screen, you can update or manage all the fields and info for your business if you want, once you are done click on the “Preview” button to see a preview of your business once it’s public.

If you are ok with the preview, click on the “Submit listing” button and you’re ready. Your listing should be active and visible now.