My long story short; I started working more intensely in photography after dropping out of law school, which it has been seven years since. I was not happy with the college and with the work that I had at the time so I decided to devote more time to photography because I had already photographed many local bands and continued this process more intensively. So I drop out college and spent my whole time focused in photography especially in wedding photography.

How did you get into the wedding industry?

I started recording local bands and shows, and I love it, to this day I can do it when I can. After a short while, I was invited to film a wedding with a friend and I loved it. After that I never stopped photographing weddings.
Despite being focused in this area I have also devoted time to photograph some advertising campaigns, directing or assisting photography.
The world of photography is huge, and this is beautiful.

Tell us about one of your best experiences at work?

My idea of ​​experience is different.
I think my best experience is to think that these people are raising a family, and that a whole generation will see my work. It is a timeless experience.

What equipment do you use?

Sony A7III x2
28mm f/2.0
35mm f/1.8
85mm f/1.8
45mm f/2.8 TS

Favorite Book

I enjoy a lot of books, my top three is:
Annie Leibovitz - A photographer's Life (or any other she mad)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams
Photography Visionaries - Mary Warner Marien

Favorite Quote

Travel as long as you can, because no one can take your experiences - By me.

Any advice for Brides and Grooms?

I think the most valuable advice is: Be yourself.
Don't care about, decoration, cakes or other things.
Enjoy every moment at this day whit the people who is there to celebrate whit you.
Do whatever you want.
Love Wins

Any personal advice for fellow Photographers & Videographers?

Don't try to be who you are not, don't try to change people.
Photograph is art, is about you show the people what you can see, not you can copy.
The most powerful tool is that you are different from everyone.