Hello, my name is Juan Salazar, I'm from Guatemala. Study professional advertising and a degree in communication sciences at the University, but ... my true passion is photography. Since I was a child I liked to see how my dad with his old panasonic took family photos on trips and I think that's where my passion began

How did you get into the wedding industry?

After studying advertising at the University, I began to take pictures and my goal was to be a commercial photographer, but over time I realized that taking a picture of an object without life did not fill me up and so I started taking wedding photos. Then little by little I was cataloged as "wedding photographers" and now I dedicate myself to documenting beautiful moments of a new love story

Tell us about one of your best experiences at work?

The truth is that I have many, after these 7 years I have been taking wedding photos I have met people and couples who have made me feel part of their family to such a degree that to date ... we are still good friends. To make friends with couples that I have photographed is something unique.

What equipment do you use?

I currently use a Nikon D750 + 24-70mm, I think it has become my battle team hahaha I also use a flash since I love being able to generate an irregular light at parties. Esporadicamente I use my 50 1.4 that allows me to generate a beautiful bokeh

Favorite Book

Steal like an artist - Austin Kleon

Favorite Quote

With my wife and my daughter, anywhere I go with them is undoubtedly the best appointment

Any advice for Brides and Grooms?

Take your commitment calmly, let everything flow and have fun in the process
By the way! the day of the wedding, enjoy it to the fullest and do not worry if something does not turn out perfect

Any personal advice for fellow Photographers & Videographers?

Get to know the couples, talk to them about how they met, what they like so that they can have more confidence and they will be calmer at their wedding to know they have someone they can trust. I forgot you are not shy on the wedding day