His goal is to aim straight at the heart .. with discretion and attention!
It is with this awareness that when Daniele returns to looks, gestures and sensations, love becomes the natural protagonist of a real film of action and emotion. The ideal location is Salento, Italy, the whole world for the truth! There is no border that is not willing to cross: England, France, Switzerland have hosted some of the marriages that they had the honor of telling.

How did you get into the wedding industry?

I started in the television industry and then I was overwhelmed by the charm of storytelling in the wedding

Tell us about one of your best experiences at work?

2014, a splendid setting and a splendid wedding in Antwerp, Luxembourg, where time seems to stand still many years ago, in some cultural ways and decades ahead for others. Wonderfully Nordic colors.

What equipment do you use?

mirrorles sony a7sll ottiche samyang t 35mm, 85mm, 14mm, rodevideomic pro, tascam dr40, instamic, monopod mafrotto, dji ronn s, dji pahntom 4

What's your favorite part of the wedding day? Why?

church and party

Favorite Book

Il grande Boh

Any advice for Brides and Grooms?

totally trust those who watch with their hearts

Any personal advice for fellow Photographers & Videographers?

Synergy is the determining factor for growth