I'm a wedding videographer with 20 years of experience in the wedding sector. Cinema is my passion, and my goal is to bring the audiovisual language into wedding movies, setting them as a story that follows a storytelling. All using only a 50mm lens that represents my point of view ...

How did you get into the wedding industry?

I started almost by chance, after having had many experiences both in television and in cinema. I think that marriage is a perfect set to tell a story, if it does not contaminate what happens, because the couple lives a very important day for them that if well exploited is a perfect documentary to tell in a movie: there are emotions, feelings, preouccupations, love ... many pieces to be joined together to tell something unique!

Tell us about one of your best experiences at work?

I often work with the destination wedding of foreigners in Italy, they are the ones I prefer ... I have in my memories a fantastic wedding in Capri of a New York couple in the Jewish rite ... an Australians elopement in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany ... but the most particular wedding I have done is certainly in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, with a Canadian bride and Indian bridegroom for an Indian wedding ... a very hard week, but full of satisfactions!

What equipment do you use?

I only use a Sony A7iii with a vintage Zeiss Planar 50mm lens from 1975! Then many audio recorders .... I think it is not the equipment that does the job, but we are ourselves, and I am convinced that the less from more because it allows me to focus better only on what happens and on how I want to tell the history.

What's your favorite part of the wedding day? Why?

My favorite part is the preparations of the couple ... I like to get there very early and live together at least 4 hours before the wedding because in those moments you can capture a thousand emotions without having the frenzy of marriage.

Favorite Book

I do not have a favorite book ... honestly I'm not a great reader of books ... if not those who talk about cinematographic and photographic techniques ...

Favorite Quote

"the less from more" as I said before, I made this the strong point of my work.

Any advice for Brides and Grooms?

Live your day with tranquility and happiness, delegating the organization to others so that you can make the most of every moment of the day that will pass very quickly .... make the most of every moment!

Any personal advice for fellow Photographers & Videographers?

I do not like to intervene on command with the spouses ... I prefer that they are as natural as possible and that they do what they feel like doing ... I am of the idea that you do not have to contaminate the stories ... but take advantage of what happens to tell each time a unique story ...