How is the IGHA different from other wedding awards?

We recognize each field as a complicated and truly demanding craft, that is why we honor achievements on both photography and film in the same way since day one. Our community was created & grown from love, with the sole intention of reuniting only the best international artists in the wedding industry. We are delighted to reunite the best and celebrate the most amazing achievements in photography and filmmaking.

How can I be an IGHA member? (3 step process)

  1. Click here to submit your application
  2. Wait for results.
  3. If accepted as a future IGHA Member, you will get notified on your email address 5 days max after submitting. Pay your PRO+ membership to be granted access to your personal profile page and submit to the awards for free!

How can I send my photos/videos to participate in the contest? (3 step process)

  • Click ‘Join the Contest’ button on your profile.
  • Select your photos/videos and upload following the entry rules.
  • Wait for results on the date mentioned as the official awards date.

How many photos/videos can I upload on my profile?

There are 4 available memberships. Please visit “Pricing” on our Main Menu.

Can I use the same photographs / videos to participate more than 1 time in awards?

Yes. If your images were not awarded and deserve being reconsidered by our jury members, you may upload again.

How many times can I participate in the award?

Please note that all memberships run on a 12 month subscription. Please visit “Pricing” on our Main Menu to confirm your benefits.

How do I know that my photos are submitted?

After you upload them with the Award Entry Form, you will get a confirmation mail.

If not, contact our staff at

When are the season awards held?

Please visit out calendar.

How does voting work? (3 step process)

IGHA receives all photographs & films.

IGHA (ACT) curators will select the best in each category and send them out to our International Jury Panel, where they will rate each one on a 1-10 voting system.

IGHA ACT will reunite all the ballots and announce the winners.

Can I upload a profile using my studio name?

No. Only personal names allowed. But you will be able to add your studio name under your profile. Cover photos must be related to your work, no logos are allowed.

Can my images/videos include watermarks or descriptive text?

No. they will not be accepted either on profiles or contests.

How is the list of Photographers or Videographers sorted out?

Our official directory has special filters to find who you are looking for.

If no special search has been applied, profiles will sort out randomly.

What about copyrights?

All Members allow IGHA team to use photographs and films for marketing purposes.

What’s the paying method?

Please visit “Pricing” on our main menu.

Where can I send questions or feedback?

Please send an email to