VOTE SPRING 2021 PHOTOGRAPHY - Registration dates

Registration Start Date: May 3, 2021

Registration End Date: May 7, 2021

Welcome to the SPRING AWARDS 2021!

The time has finally come to celebrate this seasons’ best photographs and films in the wedding filmmaking industry. Our highly rated Jury Panelists will vote on each one individually, considering style, technique & storytelling.

A maximum of 10 photographs and 10 films would be selected as winners and both categories automatically compete for the biggest award of the wedding industry: THE GOLDEN HEART OF THE YEAR, which will be held on Mid-December 2021. All seasons’ winners will participate, where only 5 photographers and 5 filmmakers will be granted de highly rated prize in the wedding industry.

Are you ready?


1. You may only vote once.

2. Click on the photograph or film, then select ‘VOTE’ and your personal rank from 1-10 stars (10 being the highest score)

3. All votes are extremely important as an average of all jury panelists will automatically select the highest ranked.


Spring Award Nominee30
Spring Award Nominee29
Spring Award Nominee28
Spring Award Nominee27
Spring Award Nominee26
Spring Award Nominee25
Spring Award Nominee24
Spring Award Nominee23
Spring Award Nominee22
Spring Award Nominee21
Spring Award Nominee20
Spring Award Nominee19
Spring Award Nominee18
Spring Award Nominee17
Spring Award Nominee16
Spring Award Nominee15
Spring Award Nominee14
Spring Award Nominee13
Spring Award Nominee12
Spring Award Nominee11
Spring Award Nominee10
Spring Award Nominee9
Spring Award Nominee8
Spring Award Nominee7
Spring Award Nominee6
Spring Award Nominee5
Spring Award Nominee4
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Spring Award Nominee2
Spring Award Nominee1

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