Welcome to INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN HEART AWARDS – Autumn Edition 2019!

We are here to reunite and celebrate some of the best photographers and filmmakers worldwide.

Please join our AUTUMN EDITION with your best photographs or films.

PHOTOGRAPHERS may upload up t0 10 photographs from the wedding day, engagement session or trash the dress.

FILMMAKERS may upload 2 films. Categories available are: Short Films (No longer than 6 mins) & One Minute Films (no longer than 1minute)

The Autumn Awards are the last season awards of the year.

2019 Winter Edition Awards (Finished)

2019 Spring Edition Awards (Finished)

2019 Summer Edition Awards (Finished)

2019 Autumn Edition Awards (Curent)

2019 GOLDEN HEART OF THE YEAR (Mid December) Please note that only winners of any of the season awards will participate in the biggest award of them all. “The GODEN HEART OF THE YEAR” 

Please follow us on INSTAGRAM (@ighawards) and be sure to update your profile with your newest material as we are constantly searching for fresh work.